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Fluid Bed Dryer

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Fluid Bed Dryer
Fluid Bed Drying is ideal for a wide range of both heat sensitive and nonheat sensitive products. It is suited for powders, granules, agglomerates, and pellets with an average particle size normally between 50 and 5,000 microns. It finds its application in Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Biochemical, Polymer, Food & Dairy industries.
Special Features :
  • 1. Uniform processing conditions are achieved by passing hot air through the product layer under controlled velocity conditions to create a fluidized state.
  • 2. Fluidization gives easy material transport, high rates of heat exchange at high thermal efficiency while preventing overheating of individual particles.
  • 3. Highly Customizable with optional packages, suiting varied requirements of the clients

  • Capacity Available : 10 kg to 300 kg