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Spray Dryer

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Spray Dryer
Spray dryer produces a highly dispersed powder from fluid feed by evaporating the solvent. This is achieved in following steps :
  • Automization
  • Mixing of heated air with sprayed fluid leading to evaporation
  • Product separation from the exit air
It is especially useful in applications where material to be dried is thermally sensitive. Some of the areas where spray dryer finds its applications are :
  • Pharmaceuticals – Penicillin, blood products, enzymes, vaccines etc.
  • Chemical Industries – Resin, catalysts, amino acids etc.
  • Dye stuffs and pigments – Food color, paint pigments etc
  • Food industry – Milk & egg products, whey & soya protein, fruits & vegetables, beverages etc.
  • Biochemical industry – algae, fodder antibiotics, yeast extracts etc.
  • Product quality and properties can be controlled and maintained throughout the operation.
  • Low temperature drying of Heat sensitive products.
  • Large scale production with complete PLC controlled operation.
  • Minimal Corrosion problem.
  • Controllable Particle size
  • Extensive flexibility in design