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Vaccum Tray Dryer

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Vaccum Tray Dryer
Vacuum Tray Dryer (VTD) is suitable for drying high grade, thermal sensitive & oxygen sensitive materials. It is highly suitable for drying hygroscopic substances, lumpy, glutinous and products of low pomposity. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemicals & food industry.
Special Features :
  • 1. Heavy duty design to withstand full vacuum. All stainless steel 304 / 316 / 316L CGMP or mild steel externals with stainless steel internals (vapour and product contact parts)
  • 2. Hollow pad type heating shelves which are easily removable for maintenance. Center to center distance between two shelves is 100 mm
  • 3. Trays – Size : 400 mm x 800 mm x 32 mm; Volume : 10 litres; Height of tray can be extended up to 50 mm.
  • 4. Explosion Vent/ Rupture Disc on vacuum chamber
  • 5. Fully welded skirt on vacuum dryer body for flush mounting through the wall
  • 6. External insulation of dryer with protective panels in stainless steel or mild steel powder coated
  • 7. Dedicated fluid heating and circulating systems. These can be steam or electrically heated. Fluid heating systems are available for water as well as thermic fluid ( for temperature requirements above 95 degree centigrade )
  • 8. Validation ports and nitrogen purge nozzles.
  • 9. Condenser (Shell and Tube type) and condensate receiver with isolation valve & flow glass in between to monitor condensation. Condenser & receiver can be fitted on the dryer body or kept stand alone for remote installation.
  • 9. Pressure release valve in steam line
  • 10 Can be designed to customers specific requirementsSteamsterilizable models are also available (on request)
  • 11. Double door loading available in larger models.

  • Models Available: 6 trays, 12 trays, 18 trays, 24 trays, 36 trays, 48 trays & 96 trays