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Falling Film Evaporators

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Falling Film Evaporatorsr
Falling Film Evaporators (FFE) are used to concentrate solutions, especially with heat sensitive components with low scaling tendency. The process fluid to be evaporated enters from the head of evaporator and is evenly distributed in heating tubes. The fluid creates a film along the tube walls, progressing downwards under gravity – hence the name. Multi-effect FFEs with TVR & MVR are also designed at Febchem’smanufacturing center.
  • 1. Food Industry – Milk, Coffee, Soy Milk, Apple Juice, Tea Extract etc
  • 2. Chemical Industry
  • 3. Dye Intermediates
  • 4. Distillery waste water effluent with low TSS
  • Features:
  • 1. Trouble free operation
  • 2. Suitable for heat sensitive products
  • 3. Requires lower circulation rates
  • 4. Can be operated at low temperature differences