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Forced Circulation Evaporator

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Forced Circulation Evaporator
Forced Circulation Evaporators are ideal for concentration of liquids which possess the tendency to crystallize and scale when concentrated. In this type of evaporator, liquid is pumped through the heat exchangerat high velocity (1.5 to 4 m/s) avoiding precipitation & creating high turbulence. This liquid is then passed through vapor separator and finally through condenser.
Applications :
  • 1. Food Processing – Tomato paste manufacturing, fruits pulp concentration etc
  • 2. Effluent treatments
  • 3. Saves on power, labour, floor space, material wastage & time, thereby enhancing profitability.
  • 4. Chemicals – Sodium sulphate crystallization etc
  • Features :
  • 1. Positive circulation
  • 2. High rate of heat transfer
  • 3. Ease of cleaning and a wide range of application
  • 4. Relative freedom from salting, scaling, and fouling